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Our cruising areas are - France - Belgium - Holland - English Channel - Thames Estuary - Medway - River Thames & the East Coast



















Want to learn new skills, acquire qualifications, or just have a holiday? Do you need the ICC certification - or the CEVNI rules endorsement - for boating in Europe?
Prices for the practical courses are based on a day rate of £140.00 per person plus VAT @ 20% (£168.00). This includes use of the boat, your instructor, food and accommodation onboard. You can select the number of days you require or split your course over weekends and rest days if you wish. We operate all year.

The course start dates are selected by the first person to book a period, and they can start on any day of the week. Most courses are based on 5 day - 3 day - 2 day periods. Exam days can be booked as an extra day at the end of a course. RYA course certificates are awarded on successful completion of the course programme. We do need time to arrange for an RYA Examiner and set up exam dates.

We do offer "mileage courses" if there is enough demand. These are courses organised so that you can get the miles required for your various exams or just gain experience. They are usually based around 60 mile legs so that you can log your individual 60 mile runs as skipper. While there will be a commercial skipper onboard with you to give you guidance you will be expected to organise and run the passages and do the navigation. If this interests you have a chat to us.

ICC (international Certificate of Competence) & CEVNI Rules endorsement for inland waterways of Europe. This is a 1 or 2 day practical preparation & exam session for people who have boating experience and want to get this certificate for overseas use. It covers practical boat handling plus some theory work.

The CEVNI rules endorsement ( a short exam on inland waterway code - costing £20.00 plus VAT at 20% (£24.00 ) is required if you intend to travel on the inland waterways of Europe. See the notes on the "Course" page
You can get the ICC certificate (but not the CEVNI endorsement) direct from the RYA without taking the exam if you already have the Dayskipper or higher practical course completion certificate or Powerboat level 2 or higher qualification.

The RYA Yachtmaster Coastal -- Yachtmaster offshore -- Advanced Powerboat exams require an independent RYA examiner. We need to know in advance if you wish to take an exam at the end of the course so that we can make arrangements to source and book an examiner as we can not examine our own students.
Exam fee is paid directly to the RYA Examiner --
See the RYA web site for the currant exam fees: www.rya.org.uk

Y/M Offshore - Y/M Coastal - Advanced Powerboat
See the course "Fees" page for our course prices.

Included in the price is the use of the school vessel and its equipment for the duration of the course/holiday plus fuel, moorings, meals onboard and general running costs of the boat plus a selection of non-alcoholic drinks. All safety equipment, lifejackets and safety harnesses are onboard.
Our school boats are registered RYA/DoT SCV & workboat, cat. 2 licensed for 60 miles and 12 people. They are RYA/DoT sea school recognised.

BRING YOUR OWN warm clothing, toiletries and towels, a warm waterproof top coat and/or waterproofs. Try to pack in soft bags to make stowage easier. During your course/holiday there will be occasions when it will be possible for you to eat or go for a drink ashore. Some groups run a kitty for these occasions, others pay as they go. Please bear in mind that your instructor runs these courses on a regular basis and to drink and eat ashore with any great regularity would be a considerable strain on his finances. Please don't be offended if he occasionally says "No" or "I'll join you later" or bear it in mind if you should ask him to join you.

If you wish to join the boat the night before the course or you would like to stay overnight on the last day please ask us. If the boat is available then we are happy for you to stay. You will however have to fend for yourselves regarding food etc.
There is local accommodation in the form of Guest houses and hotels ashore close to the harbour area.

Own Boat Tuition & Delivery
We can offer own boat tuition if required (see price list).

A boat delivery service, power or sail, is also available with qualified skippers and crews. Owners, skippers and crew can use these deliveries to log sea time and gain qualifications where applicable. Telephone for a quotation.

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The theory school is set in our Harbour classroom in Ramsgate marina.
It is close to the railway station, the town centre, the harbour, and the boats. It's warm in the winter and cool in the summer & it's quiet. We have a dedicated classroom with computers, multimedia projector, TV and video, VHF/DSC training equipment.

Our thatched cottage is our home as well as our business centre & part of the theory school. If you need to be in contact with the outside world we have a fax, photocopier, telephone. We can offer an office service for typing, printing, and in those business emergencies. We are on the Internet and can receive & send e-mail if wanted.
The theory courses offer dedicated learning in small groups. We can arrange personal tuition - please ask for a personal quote reference these fees.
We teach all the RYA shorebased theory courses, Day Skipper, Yachtmaster Coastal & Yachtmaster Offshore, Diesel engine, First Aid, VHF/GMDSS and Radar. Extra tuition on individual subjects such as navigation, tides, radar, engine maintenance etc can be arranged to suit your requirements.
Do you need help with your night school or club course subjects? Are you a professional looking for intensive practical/theory training for commercial use? Do you need to pass the RYA/DoT exams for your commercial endorsement? Do you want to combined the theory and practical course?
PRICES; see the "fees" link for the course price list

The Than et area offers a good selection of other activities and nightlife, local clubs, theatre, shopping and sports centres etc. If you wish to put theory into practice or try your self out at sea then we can arrange periods or a day afloat in one of our boats.

Our aim is to teach you to be safe and confident. With this in mind you are encouraged to learn at your own pace, it's your ability that counts - as well as the qualifications.

Our motto is KISS ~ Keep It Safe and Simple

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